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In our current location!

God blessed us with a beautiful facility nearly three times larger than our former building, to accommodate our fast-growing church family. Check out what's been going on at 9302 Timber Path...

6th Anniversary: 2014

On October 17-19, Alamo City Apostolic Church celebrated its 6th anniversary with preaching by Pastor Peter Connell of Oakley, California. Elders Kenneth Ellis and David Blanchard, faculty members of the Institute of Conservative Apostolic Theology, presented an outstanding seminar on evangelism and church finances. But the most beautiful thing of all was the rich presence of God that hovered over the entire meeting!

The big facelift: 2013

Pastor Steven Schwing and congregation, from Lafayette, Lousiana, performed an incredible makeover. Through their love and generosity, our sanctuary became a first-class facility. And special thanks to Pastor Peter Connell and congregation in Oakley, California, for the donation of our lovely carpet!

Our own building! 2011-2012

God miraculously blessed us with our own church building when we were just two years old!


Pastor and Sis. John Williamson, from Round Rock, Texas, led the transformation of the sanctuary. Total makeover for the platform wall!

Wow! 2010

For a brief period during the transition between our storefront and our current location, we rented this lovely facility (which we shared with another congregation) on Bandera Road.

Our first storefront: 2009-2010

From the Garcia home we moved to a small storefront on Braun Road. It may have been only 800 or so square feet, but it was packed each week with the glory and presence of God!

The first 6 months: 2008-2009

Alamo City Apostolic Church held its first worship services in homes. And while we've come a long way since then, we look back fondly on the rich presence of God that can be felt wherever two or three -- or 15 or 16 -- gather in His name!

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